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Making sure that you choose a carpet cleaning company in Van Nuys, CA is the best way to make sure that your upholstery is sufficiently taken care of throughout the year. Not only will our cleaning services help to preserve the integrity of your furniture, but it will also help to get rid of any stains, dirt, grime, and odors that are seemingly unpleasant. We will create a personalized cleaning plan to tackle all of the dirt that you have on your favorite pieces of furniture and we will work diligently to ensure that your upholstery looks like its brand new.

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Cleaning the Right Way

The most important thing to know about our cleaning services is that they are efficient and customized to meet your every need. It is our duty to make sure that we clean your fabric using the right methods to protect the pieces of your home. Whether you need traditional furniture cleaning or specialty leather cleaning, our services are endless. We also work with blinds and curtains to make sure that they look their best.

Cleaning Different Fabrics

Along with our professional and organic cleaning methods, we are able to work with any type of material as our products don’t damage your furniture. We are skilled cleaners with: fiber, microfiber, velvet, wool, leather, silk, micro suede, handmade materials, machine made materials, tapestry, and more.

About Our Services

Having dirty furniture is a commonly known side effect of owning a home and over time, every fabric will get dirty whether from consistent use or plain dust in the air. Your furniture will also absorb any scents that are throughout the home, leaving unpleasant odors both in the air and in the furniture itself. Regular cleaning is essential for upholstered furniture, but most home owners don’t know the right way to clean their pieces without damaging the material, but we do.
Our team is equipped with the best equipment and cleaning products to get the job done properly and efficiently. We are an eco-friendly company, meaning that we only use organic products to clean all of your furniture. This is important for home owners that have children or pets as you won’t want them using furniture that has toxic residue left behind. Whether your furniture needs to be steam cleaned or if you need specialty treatments for food or urine stains, we will be able to handle the situation. We not only offer sofa cleaning services, but also mattress, armchair, ottoman, sectional, and drape cleaning services as well.

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